Co-Curriculum, Extra-curriculum and Gymkhana activities.

Co-Curriculum and Extra-curriculum.
The college has accepted an objective to develop the overall personality of the student. In support of it, varijous functional committeesd organize different types of programmes.
Cooperative Examination etc.

Our college has achieved remarkable success in various sports compewtitions. Our Director of physical Educatijon Shri. Khade P.S. is taking very hard efforts to prepare them for various sports competitions.

Sr.No Name of the player  Year  Class B.A. Sports/ Event   Remarks 
1 Chougule Suresh Baburao  1999-2000  I Wrestling  Zonal sports 3nd place 
2 Powar Pandurang Raghunath  2001-2002  II Wrestling  Inter university Participation 
3 Patil Jaishing Shankar  2001-2002  II Wrestling  State level 1st place 
4 Power Pandurang Raghunath  2002-2003  II Wrestling  Inter-Zonal 2nd place 
5 Power Pandurang Raghunath  2002-2003  II Wrestling  Inter-University Participation 
6 Power Pandurang Raghunath  2002-2003  II Judo  Inter-University Participation 
7 Power Pandurang Raghunath  2002-2003  II Wrestling  Ashwrnedh sliver medal 
8 More Vishal Chandrakant  2004-2005  I Judo  Inter-Zonal 3rd place 
9 Patil Vijay Nivruti  2004-2005  I Karate  State selection 
10 Dalvi Sanjay Sukhadev  2004-2005  I Karate  State selection 
11 Nene Shilpa Shrikant  2005-2006  III Fan sing  Inter-Zonal Sports 1st  
12 Chougule Sambhaji Baburao  2005-2006  III Tug-of-War  State Participation 
13 Godse Pandurang Rangrao  2005-2006  III Ushu   National Selection 
14 Vibhute Rangeet Virupaksh  2006-2007  I Boxing (54kg)  Zonal Sports 2nd place. 
15 Patil Uttam Gunda  2007-2008    Boxing (60kg)  Zonal Sports 3rd place. 
16 Gandhawale Rajaram Dinkar  2007-2008  II Tug-of-War  State Participation. 
17 Varute Mahesh Krushanat  2008-2009  I Wrestling(84 Kg.)  Inter-University Participation 
18 Mane Vishal Shankar  2008-2009  I Wrestling(70 Kg.)  Inter-University Participation 
19 Chougule Namdev Shripati  2008-2009  I Javelined & Disc.through  Paralympics Game State Gold Paralympics Game State Gold
20 Mane Rajaram Lahu  2009-2010  II Judo (60Kg)&  - Inter-Zonal 2nd place
Power Lifting(60 Kg)  - Inter-Zonal 2nd place  
21 Patil Mahesh Bhupal  2009-2010  II   State Level- Paralympics 
Swimming Battarfly(50 mts) - 1st Place. 
Freestyle(50 mts)  - 2nd Place  
22 Chougule Namdev Shripati  2009-2010  II   Paralympics Game 
Disc-Through  - 3rd Place 
Javelined Through  - 3rd Place  
23 Mane Rajaram Lahu  2010-2011  III Power Lifting  Inter-Zonal 3rd place 
24 Harugale Bharat Shivaji  2010-2011  I Wrestling(56kg)  Zonal 2nd 
Inter-Zonal 1st 
Inter university Participation Rajesthan  
25 More Pushpa Bajirao  2010-2011  I Wrestling(59 kg.)  Internal Zonal 1st 
Inter university Participation  
26 Miss Patil Madhuri Jotiram  2010-2011  I Disc-Throw Javeline Throw  - Zonal sports 2nd place 
- Zonal sports 2nd place  
27 Patil Sunil Sarjerao  2011-2012  I High-Jump  Zonal – 3rd Place 
28 Patil Rajkumar Bajirao  2011-2012  I Disc-Throw  Zonal – 3rd Place 
29 Miss Patil Madhuri Jotiram  2011-2012  II -Javeline Throw Zonal – 1st Place 
-Disc -Throw Zonal – 2nd Place 
-Shot-Put Throw  Zonal – 3rd Place 
-Javeline Throw  Inter-Zonal – 1st Place