Vision, Mission and Goals

The college has faith in quantity as well as quality, so it follows the following mission and goals.

Vision :

We aspire to be an institution of higher education catring to the higher educational needs of rural and hilly areastudents particularly girls providing them with stimulating teaching learning environment to develop them into socially responsible citizens.


1) To take efforts in order to have overall personality development of the students.
2) To inspire the students for education and make the education available to the poor, socially and economically disadvantaged students in rural and hilly area.
3) To make the college a center of educational activities as well as intellectual and cultural upbringing of the society.
4) To create the ability amongst the students of self-evaluation and sow the seeds of scientific and rational attitude in their minds to make them aware of the value and the dignity of labour.
5) To create the awareness amongst the students about the current social, economic and material condition of the society and to enable the students to face the future challenges confidently.


1. To plan the teaching-learning process and evaluate it.
2. To make the process more effective with the help of different methods and techniques.
3. To enable the faculty to update the mechanism for self-evaluation and evaluation of their performance.
4. To make use of scrutiny method during the time of admission to create ideal citizens.
5. To use continuous evaluation method to ensure the quality of education.
6. To sow seeds of values such as National Integration, Equality, Humanity, Scientific Approach, Democracy and Socialism among the students.
7. To create awareness regarding Population, Illiteracy, Empowerment of women and AID’s among the people in the vicinity of the college.
8. To start a center for personality development with the help of present students and the Alumni in the nearby villages.
9. To arrange the lectures, discussion sessions of renowned persons in different fields.
10. To promote among the students values such as discipline, punctuality, respect for teacher, cooperation and social awareness.
11. To prevent the malpractices in the examinations conducted by the University and the College.
12. To give a special coaching to average students as well as a special guidance to meritorious students.
13. To encourage and help the students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as agriculture programmes, quiz, debating, and other competitions.
14. To guide and help the students for the preparation of competitive examinations.





  • Quest For Excellence 
  • Respect to Human Values 
  • Promotion to Research and Scientific temperament 
  • Konwledge and Skill for livehood
  • Environment Consciousness 
  • Global Stewardship
  • Inclusiveness and tolerance