Competitive Exam Center



Competitive Exam Guidance Center Committee (2019 - 20)


Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Shri. J. A. Sardesai Head
2. Shri. A. R. mahajan Member
3. Dr. B. N. Ravan Member
4. Smt. Dr. V. P. Patil Member



Time Table (2019 -20)


Time Monday Wensday Friday
12.30pm      to 01.30pm

Indian Constitution and Panchayat Raj/English/Indian Economy

Modern History of India and Maharashtra and History of Social Reformer /Geography in Maharashtra and Agriculture

Math’s and Reasoning/Science and Technology/Current Affairs/Marathi


Organized Programme 




Book Name
RTI 2005 Political Science History
Human Rights India Since Independene Indian Politics
India since Independene Genral


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Sr. No. Year
1. 2016 -17
2. 2017 - 18











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